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We've created a unique and more personal approach to handling your IP portfolio.

A short introduction: The French Trademark is a website operated by Mr. Ákos Süle, LL.M.,  an IP lawyer and his #1 award winning team. You will find all credits under the link “imprint” of this page. We are certainly licenced to duly represent you before the INPI and we operate file online and receive the trademark Certificates from INPI by registered mail to our Berlin office.

We offer intellectual property (IP) legal services. Especially, this site is dedicated to French trademarks and French design patent registrations. Moreover, we offer an uncomplicated, personal, non-technical registration process. 

Our biggest advantages are the quick turn-around time, high success rate. We also value frankness with clients, personal communication, clear pricing and low fees. At least this is what sets us apart on the French market. However, this site is dedicated to rightholders outside of France. Therefore if you are from France, please contact us for prices including VAT.  

The process in six steps

This is the typical timeline of a trademark registration in France, which is quite fast, since you get the Trademark Certificate within four months. If that is too long, we recommend a German application.

  • First, receipt of your mark / brand or logo followed by ...
    Step 1
  • Checking and then finalizing the list of goods and services of the trademark
    Step 2
  • Following that, payment of the trademark application fee, including official fees
    Step 3
  • Soon after, an identity trademark search in the databases of the INPI, EUIPO and of the WIPO
    Step 4
  • If the clearance of the mark is negative, next is the trademark application at the INPI on its French website
    Step 5
  • At the end of the smooth application process we receive the paper based French Trademark Certificate
    Step 6

So how does the French trademark application process compare? It is a good choice, since it is one of the cheapest trademarks, one of the fastest and covers one of the biggest and strongest economies in Europe. Of course everything is in French language and you need an EU IP lawyer as INPI representative as a foreign entity.  Actually, you you do not have to worry about that if you engage us and

no Power of Attorney or Authorization is needed if you engage us. 

As mentioned before, a regular trademark application will be registered in four months, so how long does an irregular application last? 

Typically there are two types of problems with trademark applications: The first one is if they are describing the goods / services; the second one is if someone who has a similar trademark, files an opposition. Now in the first case we could defend the mark at the INPI and reply to the examiner which is a slight delay; whereas if an opposition procedure starts, that can take a long time. Therefore we always try to assess the risks beforehand. And if the client prefers, we can find ways to move ahead rapidly, e.g. by settling the conflict amicably.  

But let us not run ahead and get back to an important step: 

How to calculate risks...

It all starts with the pre-filing opinion. We will tell you how “good” your candidate mark is, how distinctive it is. Certainly, you know your market and competitors which helps also a lot. Finally, a thorough trademark search can reveal earlier trademarks that could be potentially dangerous. The holder of an earlier mark may oppose to our French trademark application or even file a cancellation action later on. Ultimately it is your decision to take or not to take the business risks. It is however our task to clear you up about these risks. Certainly, if a mark is risky, you can wait until the end of the opposition with financial investments. 


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